ITP Notebook [2020 - 2022]

Cellular Automata

April 04, 2021

Nature of Code

screenshot of sketch

Open sketch

This week I explored Conway’s Game of Life. I started with the Coding Train code and was interested in implementing multiple types of cells and their interactions. The result is basically an “infection” simulator where a small group of infected cells spreads from the center of the screen. A cell becomes infected if it shares two or more neighbors with an infected cell. A small square in the center is initialized as infected. I also modified the logic by adding a lifetime to the cells, causing them to fade out over time. The lifetime is reset when a cell is “born”.

I would love to explore adding multiple types and interactions between them. One thing that could be easy to add would be “antidote” cells which neutralize the infection. I didn’t get to adding user interaction but drawing walls or other obstacles could be a fun addition as well.